Providing the tools and support you need to break up with diet culture

Empowering you to understand your body, find your identity outside of your weight, be confident in your food choices and find what feeds you.

Hey! I’m Lindsay.

Do you feel like you’ve been on every diet? Do thoughts about food take up a lot of brain space? Are you constantly comparing your body to others or how your body used to look?

I help you heal your relationship with food and your body so you can figure out how to fuel your body, free up mental space and have more energy to do what you love.

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Do you ever feel like you’ve given up on your own needs? This is your guide to finding small moments every day to fill your cup or watering can.
A free 15 minute call with Lindsay to problem solve an area of body image healing or food freedom that you feel stuck on.
Do you know your why? Learn about what matters most to you and what you can start doing today to get more of the things that you care about.

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If you want to fall back in love with your body and learn how to fuel your mind and your body in a way that lifts you up instead of tears you down, check out my 13 week program, the FED Mamas. 

As an added bonus, by spending time healing your own relationship with food and your body you’ll be able to help your kids learn how to have a healthy relationship with food and their body.

The best way to help your kids with this is to role model the behaviours yourself. That can be incredibly hard to do when the only thing so many of us know is diet culture and body shame. 

Next group starts January 2024!!