A deck of 50 cards to help you respect and appreciate your body with photos that showcase a range of mom bods in all their radiance.

WINNIPEG residents, use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery!


50 affirmation cards (2.75″ x 4.75″) for mamas wanting to change the conversation in their mind. These cards are specifically designed to help you practice positive self talk and increase your self-esteem. Combined with the photos of a range of mom bods in all their radiance, this helps you detach your worth from your appearance.

These cards are perfect for those mamas who:

-are tired of hating their body and want to improve their body image

-are ready for self-acceptance and want to feel good in the skin you’re in

-want to practice their self-compassion and change self-talk

It’s also for mamas who know that that they want to armour their kids with self-love protection and prepare them to have a different internal conversation. Kids as young as 5 express dissatisfaction with their bodies (commonsensemedia.org). These cards are a great way to teach appreciation for all types of bodies and focus on talents and strengths instead of appearance.

You can use these cards as a way to set intentions for the day, a reminder of all your radiance as you drift off to sleep or during any moment of the day that you need a radiant reminder.


As a special thank you, you’ll receive a QR code to an audio version because sometimes hearing it out loud is more impactful than reading it. And sometimes, it’s more convenient to listen than read.

Some of the occasions that audio will come in handy is when you’re driving in the car, or on commutes, while you’re getting the kids lunches or suppers ready, or as part of your bedtime routine.


WINNIPEG residents, use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery!

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