The FED MAMAS program

Now accepting clients!

The most supportive program to help you end generational diet culture, reconnect with your body and find food freedom.

FED Mamas is the right fit for you if you…

guille-pozzi-y1wVavuxZtE-unsplash✅ have a history of dieting and want to try something different for yourself and your kids

✅ feel like generational diet culture is something you’ve experienced and want to end this cycle

✅ like the idea of intuitive eating but aren’t sure how to do it or where to start

✅ feel like negative body and food thoughts take up a lot of mental space and you’d like to change this

I’ve always struggled with desserts but after the FED Mamas program, I enjoyed birthday cake with my kids and husband, without guilt.

– FED Mamas client

By the end of this program you will…

  • reconnect with your body and understand your hunger and fullness cues
  • become aware of your food rules, why they exist and start to break them down
  • understand why you emotionally eat and work on disconnecting this behaviour
  • have improvements in your mindset
  • be able to role model body acceptance and food freedom for your kids
  • know how to interrupt negative thoughts about food and your body
  • create routines to include behaviours that align with your health goals

But ABOVE all else it will help you disconnect your value and worth from your body size so you can reconnect with what brings you joy!

I’ve always felt uncomfortable when my partner touched my stomach but after the FED Mamas program I let my partner touch my stomach and I was OK with it!

– FED Mamas client


I know time and money are the biggest hangups for any mama out there. We’re busy and we have lots of things to spend that hard earned money on.

So I like to be direct here.

The program is a 12 week time investment and a $600 CAD financial investment.

The details:

  • 1:1 meetings with Lindsay, Registered Dietitian and mama to 3 little ones 
  • a proven plan 
  • mini-homework each week (max. 20 minutes, because your time is valuable)
  • monthly group calls because community support matters!

I’m genuinely so excited for everyone that comes through the FED Mamas program and can’t wait to get started on September 26th, 2022. 

See you on the inside!

With kindness and compassion,