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Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian (RD) who provides nutrition counselling for chronic dieters so you can heal from the self-loathing that happens when you are unhappy in your relationship with food and your body and learn to stop feeling shame and guilt for your choices.

She is the founder of Proactive Health Nutrition, a nutrition consultant business that serves people looking to take action on their overall health and well-being in an innovative and thoughtful way. She has personally provided nutrition counselling to many individuals looking to change their lifestyle and has witnessed many heartbreaking attempts in both personal and professional relationships when her clients try to get the life they want with dieting. Unfortunately, diets don’t work.

Now, she has refined the tools and processes she has seen actually help clients and is teaching you how to see food and exercise as more than just a way to be okay with the way you look.

Learn a truly individualized approach to your nutrition that will let you care for your body for the long term and let you feel peaceful about your food. You’ll gain confidence in your nutrition choices and feel happy, satisfied and in control.

If you want to:

  • feel less guilt around your food choices
  • start to crave healthier foods
  • stop the restrict-binge cycle
  • develop a healthy relationship with food again

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